User and Administrator Friendly

  • Assessment is taken on-line
  • Written and video instructions
  • Available in English, Spanish and German
    (Results will be in English)
  • Takes 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Results available within five minutes of completion

Trusted and Reliable

  • Based upon years of research and validation by a Nobel Prize nominated scientist
  • Virtually impossible to “game” assessment
  • Many validation studies spanning five decades show this assessment to be extremely accurate
  • Trusted by hospitals and logistics companies where safety is a priority

Saves You Money

  • We have worked very hard to provide a richness of benefits while keeping costs stringently low because there is no substitute for returning each child home safely. Each assessment is only $40 per driver regardless of the volume of assessments purchased.
  • Failure to score in an acceptable range eliminates the need to pay for further testing or screenings
  • Could potentially save on insurance claims and/or premiums
  • Lowers litigation costs if used consistently
  • Lessens damage to vehicles from driver-related accidents
  • Mitigates risk for bad press by demonstrating due diligence in hiring
  • Lowers attrition


  • Gives you the ability to know the judgment capacity of potential drivers
  • Will help you gain a better understanding of vulnerabilities with current employees
  • You will be provided interview questions for further discussion on indicators where someone scores weak or very weak to make a more informed decision
  • We will offer training modules on line for employees who may score weak or very week in some area(s)
  • This is NOT a PERSONALITY test!